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hiring more talented women is
always a good idea


Reports by IT Manager Daily show that Return on Investment is 34% higher for technology companies with more women in management.

Monoculture is bad for business and that is the reason Victress Recruitment was born. We partner with high-growth technology companies and departments worldwide to encourage diversity within teams. Our database of qualified candidates are headhunted with the utmost care to help fill your talent needs at all seniority levels, and for the entire spectrum of technical skills you may need.​ We also make it a point of honor to become our candidates’ lifelong personal recruiter and help them achieve their career goals.

For employers

Find the best female candidates and learn practices to make your diverse team more productive!

For female professionals

Work with our seasoned recruiters to find job opportunities that align with your values and skills. 

Co-Founder & Head Recruiter

Prior to Victress, Corinne was a CFO at many of her own startups but also at J.P. Morgan Chase, where she was in charge of large teams and multi-million dollar budgets. She recently upgraded her technical skills with a Masters in Data Science and developed AI tools across industries.

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Cecile is both a dedicated headhunter with experience growing teams of innovative startups and a passionate advocate for women's rights. For her bachelor in Political Science at the University of British Columbia, she published essays to encourage women to excel in the workforce.

Business Development Specialist

Usman has experience running a blockchain SaaS firm and more recently, working as a sales representative for a software company. He brings his knowledge of technology to help match clients' open positions with technically qualified candidates.

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